Monday, December 5, 2011

my weekend

Had a wonderful show in the lovely home of clothing designer Ann Williamson. I think half the fun was seeing all of the beautiful clothing that walked into our show on the shoppers! I got a few photos in the morning right after set up just to set the scene! Thanks Ann and all for making it such a great weekend!

 The entry featured one of Elisabeth Gillem's gorgeous outfits and the delicate forged silver jewelry of Bay area metalsmith Kathryn Ferrier.

Just a small selection shown here of Carol Risley's fabulous leather handbags.

Some of the amazing work of Ann Williamson, much of which is constructed using vintage kimono silks with hand applique and bead work.

I shared the dining room with designer Elisabeth Gillem and of course, ended up with one of her beautiful hand dyed silk scarves. How could I not?

And my little case was packed full of goodies as well.


  1. i like how intimate and yet classy this looks. glad you had a good weekend hope everyone had a successful time too!

  2. It was so comfortable, Paula. I'm sure I'll never want to do another big, outdoor show again!

  3. What a great setting, comfortable and warm! I hope you had lots of visitors and sales.

  4. it was really fun, Lois. I almost think the sales were just an added bonus to getting the weekend off and out of my studio!