Thursday, November 18, 2010

wild child

A pair "wild" Brazilian agates got me thinking of a pair of comfy sweats I have with a jaguar print, and how much fun I have wearing them. The agates have been transformed into earrings and I've found a few coordinating items to go with them... ; )

  Brazilian agate and freshwater pearl drops in sterling and 14kt gold

A quartet of wild things from vaisto on etsy

And check out this beautiful fringed necklace from iheartnorwegianwood

HannaSpooner 3/4 length, faux fur jacketjacket, and Bubble top from vanessamoore

And yoganistas, how about these Ruffle Bum Devi Pants from HerbanDevi !!

And for un-shy persons, FablesbyBarrie witll custom make the Sheena swimsuit for a perfect fit!

See how much fun you can have when you invite in your wild child?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

recent work

October and thus far November have been busy months for me. I've been spending a lot of time in my studio trying to replenish my inventory after the Local 14 show last month and working on a few commission pieces. I'm having a good time, but will have to emerge soon as the newest Harry Potter movie is now in the theaters!  I'm hoping my 19 year old will come with. If not, it won't be the first time I've sat alone in the movie theater watching a Harry Potter movie!

I've had so much interest in my raw diamond ring, that I made another. This time using a pretty white stone, and narrowing the band a bit.

I like this ring very much. I call it a Treasure Ring. It's a piece of Hell's Canyon herringbone petrified wood, a keshi pearl, and a small raw diamond.



A smaller, simpler ring, with a gorgeous red rutilated smokey quartz set in an 18kt bezel.

                       Petrified palmwood. Love the black and white!

Nevada boulder turquoise with enough rust in the matrix that adding carnelian drops was an easy decision!

 And finally, another piece of the Nevada boulder turquoise, this time with a bit of a blush rather than the rust to it. A rather rustic piece, tamed a bit by the small pearl!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gift wrapping made easy

So you've found the perfect gift. How about the perfect presentation? Pick up some of  what these etsy sellers have to offer and really do it up right!

start with some nice paper and cool ribbon...

                      feterie                                   Jamnglass
                PaperPhine                            51greenwich

                     add some gift tags and other emblishment...

                     GreenPost                        Justabitofpaper
                     badbooks                        HappyHuismus

    Pillow boxes from CCustomCreations and  PipingHotPapers
   Or perhaps you'd like to make your own boxes? ReminiscencePapers

             And I think these Snow Angel letterpress cards from
                    broklynbookbinder are quite wonderful too!

                             Happy wrapping!

            Or find more ideas in my "wrap it up" treasury on etsy.