Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ms Flora Abunda

Several years ago metal sculptor and friend Linley Schetky asked me to work with her on a collaborative project sponsored by Art in the Pearl, here in Portland. I jumped at the chance because I love spending time with Linley, and I had already learned the basic welding and plasma cutting skills from her while helping her out in her studio.

We decided to do a life sized, or in this case, bigger that life sized figure which we named Flora Abunda. Made from steel rod and found objects and topped with a floral crown, she's currently residing at Lawrence Gallery in Sheridan, Oregon. She is looking for a home that can accommodate her. She eats very little. As you can see, she's not even skin and bones, just bones. And she has a very pleasant personality...

With our girl at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in the Pearl district

For me, working large, in steel was very freeing. After I got used to the idea that I didn't have to file and fit every joint to perfection before welding I found a whole new world of really being able to manhandle the material. I really, really want to do more of it!


  1. betsy this is wonderful i'm SO IMPRESSED!!!! and its in a gallery :) you go !!!

  2. Thanks paula! She is quite the personality!

  3. love her head shot, lol! congratulations to you both:)