Friday, September 23, 2011

Etsymetal Project Runway Challenge, Season 9, Week 8

In this episode, the designer's challenge was to design an outfit for a client's wife or girlfriend. Our challenge, at etsymetal, was to do the same, either by choosing a look from the episode to work with, or to ask a man to describe what his wife or girlfriend would like and design something for her. I took the easier path I guess, buy deciding to choose one of the outfits already designed  and do a piece of jewelry to coordinate with that. My choice for this week was Anya's a-symmetrical dress...

I used a pair of Brazilian agates I had with the look of an animal stripe and paired them with golden coin pearls, picking up the warm golds in the belt or obi in Anya's design.

I made the earrings so that the agate drops can be detached and the pearls can be worn alone, or a-symmetrically, which was my intention while being worn with this gown.

Next Week's Challenge:
Project Runway Challenge:
In this episode, the challenge was to design a look for a member of an up and coming band, The Sheepdogs. It was a menswear challenge and an image/style challenge.

Our EtsyMetal Challenge Translation:
Rock And Roll!!
Make a piece with music in mind. You may use The Sheepdogs for your inspiration or chose 
another band and make it masculine. We can make menswear too!

 Unfortunately, due to the LOCAL 14 show in Portland next week, I will have to miss this challenge, but you can see the rest of the challenge pieces next Friday on the etsymetal blog!

Monday, September 19, 2011

LOCAL 14 Women's Art Show and Sale coming up!

It's been nose to the grindstone the past few weeks preparing for the 44th annual LOCAL 14 show at the World Forestry Center in Portland. Hope to see some of my Portland friends there!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Etsymetal Project Runway Challenge, Season 9, Week 7

Last week's Project Runway designers teamed up to create a collection using their own fabric designs. The etsymetal team challenge was to create a piece of jewelry using pattern and texture.

                                                                              the longest of the group at 3 1/2"

I decided to create a line of sterling earrings that were big, simple shapes with small, interesting details. To begin with I used the rolling mill to texture the sheet with impressions from hand made papers. The earrings were given a bit of shape and details such as the repousee dots and sterling balls were added. Finally, the fine silver was brought to the surface through a heating and quenching process, giving the earrings a soft finish. (My current favorite technique!)

                                                                                            shield series

All of these will be available in my etsy store!

Next Week's Challenge:
Season 9; Episode 8

Project Runway Challenge:
In this episode, the challenge was to design a look for a client's wife/girlfriend.

Our EtsyMetal Challenge Translation:
Choose a look from the episode and make a piece based on what you feel the client would like to go with the garment the designer made.
Ask a man to describe what his wife/girlfriend would like - please provide the design specification you were given and photos of the outcome.

Both Portland designer Becky (out and last week) and Bryce (out this week) are gone, so I guess I'll have to find someone else to cheer on. It won't be Joshua, I can tell you that much...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Etsymetal Project Runway Challenge, Season 9, Week 6

Last week's Project Runway challenge for the designers was to create an avant garde piece based on a collaborative painting done with a local art student. For the etsymetal challenge, I chose to create a pair of earrings to go with Victor's design, which again this week, was my favorite, and to try and incorporate a little bit of the feel of the student, Skyy's, painting.

Victor's dress

the painting

While I certainly wouldn't call my earrings avant garde... I did have a pair of Nevada boulder turquoise that seemed to match the patches of blue in the dress so I went with that. I set them in sterling and added some 14kt gold elements to warm them up a bit. Their total length is 2 1/2" and they articulate at two points creating a lot of movement, just like the dress. On the back I've used repousee to create a simple spiral. Victor's dress had a lot of texture and I've added texture to the metal as well before bringing up it's fine silver layer through a heating and quenching process which creates a soft, satiny finish.

Even though I'm quite happy with the final product, I wasn't sure I'd get something completed for this week's challenge as I was constantly changing my mind. As it happened they were finished just in time to catch the last of the late afternoon's light in which to shoot them...

The Project Runway Challenge:
The designers were divided into two groups of five. They were given the opportunity to create their own unique textiles and asked to create a cohesive collection.

For Our Etsy Metal Translation:
Since this challenge was about pattern and texture, our challenge is to incorporate those into a piece. Do it however you like, etching, roller printing, drawing, or just fabricate a piece that forms a pattern or texture. Make it work!

I'm liking this one!

Friday, September 2, 2011

etsymetal Project Runway Challenge, Season 9, Week 5

This week's challenge for the designers, was to create a collection based on Heidi Klum's designs for New Balance shoes. Their collection had to look good with tennis shoes... That was the challenge for the etsymetal team as well... See other team members designs here!
I found her collection a bit of a yawner, actually, but I'm happy with my design. I had Victor Luna's winning design in mind for this one.

A leather wrap bracelet with sterling clasp and slider bead.
All of the metal has been textured with a file and left in a matt finish. And I've had this huge lobster catch forever, never quite knowing what I would use it for!

Next week's challenge:
The Project Runway Challenge: 
The designers were teamed up with kids from an arts school and asked to collaborate on a work of art and use that as inspiration for an avant garde piece.. 

For Our Etsy Metal Translation: 
Make a an "avant garde" piece of jewelry using a work of art as your inspiration. If you have access to a child and want to collaborate on something, go for it!
Sounds like fun!