Monday, April 15, 2013

four more brooches

The etsymetal brooch-a-week challenge marches on, with team members and non-members coming up with something new in the brooch department every week! Time flies, and here we are are just entering week 16 and I last posted 4 brooches ago!
Brooches 13 and 14 continued my love affair with fossils...

Two very different fossil palm stones. Brooches #12 & 13 

#12 with a large freshwater pearl...

#13 has an adaptor for use as a pendant.

#14 features a sparkling druzy navette in sterling with 14kt gold touches

Brooch #15 is textured sterling with a rose cut tourmaline set in 18kt gold. A light oxidation really enhances the surface texture.

On to #16...