Saturday, December 24, 2011

Birds on the Brain

The annual Christmas bird count is on and that got me thinking about some of my favorite birders...

original etching by Fleurografie

    sculptural bird feeder by joepapendick

photograph by PhotogenicGallery

Lovebirds by peylu

Victorian bird pin from WickedDarling

vintage falcon print from carambas

woodland print by LouisestArt

prepare to laugh your *** off! MincingMockingbird

limited edition print by TheJoyofColor

bird vase by catherinereece

Happy birding and a very happy Holiday to all!


  1. How wonderful to be included here amongst these beauties. thanks so much, Betsy

  2. What a precious collection, Betsy! Thank you so much for including my photo with all of these beautiful birdies!

    Happy Holidays! Debbie

  3. Such a wonderful gallery honored to be with such great companty.
    I live in Israel which is one of the famous rest place for birds migration from Europe to Africa. Today we were in the Park and it was full with birds. its a delightful sceen.
    Thank you Betsy

  4. birds for everyone Betsy! I reckon there is enough Christmas cake to go around too :)
    happy holidays!

  5. This is so beautiful, I live near a forest full of birds, they are fab animals. You bring them in such a wonderful collection. Thank you so much Betsy, and all the best for the coming Holidays. Merry Christmas

  6. too funny! just love it! happy holidays to you!

  7. Betsy, thank you so much! What a beautiful selection of birds! I am so honored to be included. :)

    Happy New Year!

  8. Betsy, happy 2012, what a great little birdy collage! I'd like to hand over what I believe is a good will "Liebster Blog Award" to you, I love reading about your work and Portland....and hope you pass it on! Check out my blog for more info. Much love, Erin