Friday, August 26, 2011

etsymetal Project Runway Challenge, Season 9, Week 4

How to please Nina this week… If you’ve been following Project Runway this season, you’ll recall that last week the designers had to design something Nina Garcia could wear to work during the day and to industry functions in the evening. And Nina likes streamlined, modern looks. Can’t be boring either….

I decided to use a piece of petrified palmwood I had stashed away, in a very graphic black and white with polkadots to create a brooch. The shape, which measures 1 ½ x 5/8”, is a fairly conservative shape, but fits the streamlined criteria well. The simple design gives it a modern look, but the stone itself is bold and unusual. 

For the back of the brooch, I’ve created a texture in the sterling reminiscent of reptile skin and added 14kt gold pin findings for an added touch of bit of opulence! Two little 14kt gold balls on either side are the only adornment needed to complete the look.

My idea was that it could be worn on a blouse at the throat like a collar bar or on a jacket, lapel, etc. Hey Nina, would you wear this?? Alas, we’ll never know, but someone will. Maybe with matching earrings? I have those too…

Next week’s challenge is to make something that would work well with Heidi's sporty New Balance collection. See it here.  Hmmmmmm.  Stay tuned!

Friday, August 19, 2011

etsymetal Project Runway Challenge, Season 9, Week 3

This week's challenge was to "Go big, or go home". On Project Runway, episode 3, we saw the designers design for models on stilts. We were to think big in terms of jewelry and go a bit over the top of what is our normal m.o. You can see the over 20 submissions at:

My piece uses a wonderful smooth piece of basalt from the Oregon coast, collected by my friend Grace Sheese before she moved away to her new life in Illinois. This big ring is for Grace, which is funny considering she is a little bit of a thing...

I've drilled holes into the rock and soldered pegs onto the metal which fit in nicely and along with epoxy,  keep the ring together. On top is a little sterling starfish topped with a pink pearl. Very ocean-y and I hope it will bring Grace back to Oregon someday.

                                                                       COMING UP NEXT WEEK...
In episode 4, the designers had to design something for Nina Garcia (if you watch the show, you'll know who I'm talking about...) Our challenge is to design a piece of jewelry Nina would wear. There is a scene where she is going through jewelry at Marie Claire, and in her conversations with the designers, she noted that she likes streamlined, modern looks... Yup, I already I know what I'm going to do. Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Etsymetal Project Runway Challenge, Season 9, Week 2

This is week 2 of the etsymetal Project Runway challenge! This week's challenge is called "My Pet Project"In this episode; the challenge was to create an outfit using pet store supplies. The designers were allowed to use some muslin as well, but were encouraged not to. 

For the EM challenge, we were asked to make a piece of jewelry using items from the pet store as well. We were limited to 30 minutes in the store and were allowed to use some metal in the piece, but only as little as possible.
There were 26 very creative entries this week, which can be seen here. Nice to know pet shops aren't just for pets anymore...

My dog and I took a stroll to our neighborhood Nature's Pet Market  and picked up a few items that held some potential...

I thought I might be able to do something with these bright red poop bags, wildflower scented no less... which begs the question, why would you  have a poop bag anywhere near your nose to begin with? And some colorful plastic cat toys that, not being a cat person, I'm not sure why these are attractive to cats...
 At first I thought I'd just do something quick and simple.

But I "rethunk" and decided I needed to do something more in line with the spectacular potential of the red poop bags, and created another neckpiece that has the added benefit of really assaulting your sense of smell in a big and flouncy way.

Pretty fancy pantsy don't you think?

Flores thinks so...

Coming up: in this week's show, the designers had to design a piece for a model on stilts (!) and take part in an outdoor runway show.
 Since the challenge was all about going over the top, this week's EM challenge is to make a piece that is BIG, over the top, larger and crazier than we would normally do, but still trying to keep it wearable and fashionable. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Etsymetal Project Runway Challenge, Season 9, Week 1

The etsymetal team's Project Runway challenge is a great way to get the creative juices flowing without having to experience quite the same amount of anxiety that the actual Project Runway participants are facing! This is the first year I've been a member of the etsymetal team and the first year I've joined the challenge. Hey, my youngest just moved out of the house last week, I feel like I might just have the time to devote to it!
The challenge this first week is based on the Project Runway week 1 challenge, "Come as you Are"

The etsymetal translation this week is to make something only from material that is sitting on your bench. Lucky for me as you can see...

                                                                        Everything under the sun lives here...

I found a thick piece of aluminum that had been living in my scrap drawer for about 3 years, patiently waiting for something to happen...or not.
Cut, hammered and filed, then using rivets to attach a sterling back with a pinstem, creating a 4 1/2" long brooch. Very substantial, yet being aluminum, very lightweight.

From the etsymetal blog you'll be able to follow the challenge and see what everyone else is coming up with. And you don't need to be a member to play along...