Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ring in the new year...

I've been making lots of rings lately. They're quicker and more fun than earrings because you only need to make one... So here are a few recently completed babies photographed and settling nicely into my etsy shop.

 a beautiful piece of Louisiana petrified palmwood in sterling

something similar using a piece of Nevada boulder turquoise and a touch of 14kt gold

another example of boulder turquoise

a sweet little pearl ring in sterling and 14kt gold

something fun in swirly blue glass and sterling
You can find these and many more rings in my etsy shop.

And below are some very interesting rings from several of the many etsy shops worth checking out!

 resin ring  quercussilver       acrylic ring  dillondesigns
 sterl sculptural ring  mariagotijoyas    paper yarn rings  paperphine

                                    Happy New Year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Celebrate the New Year in Vintage Style!

Beautiful vintage party dresses and accoutrements abound on etsy. Here are a few of my favorite shops...

Dresses and Shoes Dear Golden Vintage
1940's round corde purse Raleigh Vintage

Timeless Vixen 1950's "Ceil Chapman" Taffeta

1940's  black mesh chiffon dress Traven 7 Vintage

top left My Vintage Jewels          top right Aged and Opulent Jewelry
bottom left Wicked Darling         top right Aged and Opulant Jewelry

Have a sparkling new year!

Monday, December 13, 2010

For art minded people!

Being as I am an old art history major, I was pleased to discover ArtHistory101 on etsy. Marla's store is chock full of all that good stuff you've forgotton over the interveining years since that last art history class. Her printed tees are wonderfully soft and her drawings, sublime. You're sure to get delighted comments from friends you never suspected had art history in their background!

If you dream of the giddy world of Fragonard, or marvel at the engineering of a Gothic cathedral, or simply want to keep the 3 orders of classical greek columns close to your heart, I do recommend you check out ArtHistory101 (Their service is great too!)

and be sure and check out their pop quiz buttons and magnets...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Yet Another Portland Studio Sale!

All of you last minute shoppers are invited to join Sandy Visse & Debra Glanz along with guest artists, Betsy Bensen, Marilyn Nycum, and Dan Ennis for the gazillionth annual Holiday Sale & Party. In the offering will be the work that you have come to know and love with some amusing new stuff.

             Saturday, Dec. 11 & Sunday Dec. 12   10am – 5pm  
                              At Sandy’s studio
             8307 SW Homewood St., Portland OR 97225


For those in the Portland area who have not yet been to Sandy's studio, you may have seen it in your dreams. Right after I first saw it 3 or 4 years ago, I went home drew up the entire site plan, along with the water feature adjacent to it and handed it to my husband saying "I want this"! When you see me, please don't
ask if I'm in my new studio, ok?

           Debra also has an etsy store where you can buy her work.

I'll have a variety of jewelry available, from stocking stuffers to special pieces you can add to your wish list.

The felted scarves of Marilyn Nycum and terra cotta tiles of Dan Ennis will be also be features. You;ll just have to come see those in person. We hope to see you there!

Friday, December 3, 2010

worth perusing this weekend!

A couple of treasury lists chock full of items from my list of favorite stores on etsy that are well worth checking out during this holiday season and beyond.

Get a closer look at the lovely items above, and links to more from these etsy sellers below.

Circle Game, quilt - bbusbyarts
Felt slippers – ing00te
Beaded bracelet – tqbdesigns
Pink Anxiety – christinekaiser
Woven wrap – barefootweaver
Checkbook cover – 51greenwich
Ceramic wine bottle stoppers – creativewithclay
Nuno felted scarf – JaneBoFelt
Sculpted resin ring – jasminescott
When We Dance, print – catherine47
Lilac glass earrings – Huismus
Clutch – BagatellesAndCo
Marion Clack with her dog Walter, watercolor – vivstrauss
Oblong tray – birribe
Surprise stack – PipingHotPapers
Soft spikesextile necklace – kjoo

Click here to see more of this natural beauty from the above sellers.

Mussel envy necklace – Experimetal
Reclaimed wood tray – Paulaart
Handwoven plaid ruffle scarf – KatsaraYarns
Felt slippers – ing00te
Raffia handwoven hat – onnesti
Rose cut raw diamond ring – BloomStudios
Secrets Revealed, encaustic – tangledskystudio
Recycled paper bead bracelet – hippiekingdom
Hand printed pillow cover – helkatdesign
Ceramic spheres – HouseOfCeramics
Lace chemise - bayousalvage
Tall basket print – peylu
Hand built porcelain bowl – geobubstudios
Ben Nevis cuff – LaTouchables
The wren, the Nest, and the Bumblebee, print – LynneWindsor
Stone fish family - LillaJizo