Monday, November 28, 2011

Full Swing into the Shopping Season

Hard to believe we are almost through November! I'm currently offering free shipping on all new purchases from my etsy shop through the end of the month (Wednesday!) You can use the coupon code "yipee" at checkout and save a few bucks...

For those in the Portland area, I'll have my work at a fabulous Art to Wear holiday show next weekend, 
Dec 2nd and 3rd at Ann Williamson's in NE Portland

AND, if that weren't enough, you can find me at the LOCAL 14 pop up gallery in Lake Oswego through the Holidays 

and always at The Real Mother Goose and David Frank, both in Portland.


  1. oooooh, Ive just been looking through your etsy shop and I LOVE the lavender lace agate ring - love the inside flower detail too. Wish I could treat myself but I cant right now but I really enjoyed looking.

  2. niki, thanks! i love getting your blog posts and the images that go along with them. i've learned a lot about color thanks to you!