Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Art Spot - Pop Up Gallery in Lake Oswego

LOCAL 14, Lake Oswego Arts and Crafts League is approaching it's 45th year. Once a year, in October, the women's art group puts on a big art show and sale at the World Forestry Center in Portland, OR. Three and a half days, and then it's over... 
Now, for fans of the group, you'll be able to continuing shopping right through the Holidays. L14 is taking an empty storefront in Lake Oswego and turning it into The Art Spot pop up gallery! Things have been slowly coming together the last couple of days in preparation for our opening day on Friday. Painting is done, lights are being set and art is filling up the space at 1st and B Streets, Lake Oswego. It's like a concentrated L14 Show! Currently, gallery hours will be Wed - Sun, 11am -6pm. Dates are being set for a grand opening celebration. Please stop by if you're in the Portland area!

                                                             Lots of elbow grease getting the place in shape.



Still putting on the finishing touches

By Friday, perfection!


  1. I love these pop up shops. Such a great idea to take advantage of an empty shop for a few days. Really wish I could pop by. I lived in Lake Oswego for a wee bit!

  2. Looks like a fun place to wander through, Betsy!

  3. Well, Lois and Dawn, when you come to visit me, we'll pop on over there, and Lois you can take us and show us your old stomping grounds!