Thursday, November 17, 2011

Autumn's last gasp

Last night we had a pretty big wind and rain storm in the Portland area. I had just remarked at how pretty the Japanese maple looked this year. Seems like the red was extra intense, but then again I think I say that every year... Alas, that windy night did a number on the trees. 

The back yard, where we have an old big leaf maple is carpeted in yellow. Bruce has that job, I cook.


  1. I think that must be the same storm that hit us last night! Colours in your photos look beautiful! And in our house, the cook never has to do the washing up either!

  2. supposed to be how it works here too, Lois...

  3. That was last weekend at our house, and now everything is pretty much swept up...I do love the rustle of leaves, and the colors are wonderful. The washing up? Did you say the cook doesn't do the washing up??? :-D