Friday, December 3, 2010

worth perusing this weekend!

A couple of treasury lists chock full of items from my list of favorite stores on etsy that are well worth checking out during this holiday season and beyond.

Get a closer look at the lovely items above, and links to more from these etsy sellers below.

Circle Game, quilt - bbusbyarts
Felt slippers – ing00te
Beaded bracelet – tqbdesigns
Pink Anxiety – christinekaiser
Woven wrap – barefootweaver
Checkbook cover – 51greenwich
Ceramic wine bottle stoppers – creativewithclay
Nuno felted scarf – JaneBoFelt
Sculpted resin ring – jasminescott
When We Dance, print – catherine47
Lilac glass earrings – Huismus
Clutch – BagatellesAndCo
Marion Clack with her dog Walter, watercolor – vivstrauss
Oblong tray – birribe
Surprise stack – PipingHotPapers
Soft spikesextile necklace – kjoo

Click here to see more of this natural beauty from the above sellers.

Mussel envy necklace – Experimetal
Reclaimed wood tray – Paulaart
Handwoven plaid ruffle scarf – KatsaraYarns
Felt slippers – ing00te
Raffia handwoven hat – onnesti
Rose cut raw diamond ring – BloomStudios
Secrets Revealed, encaustic – tangledskystudio
Recycled paper bead bracelet – hippiekingdom
Hand printed pillow cover – helkatdesign
Ceramic spheres – HouseOfCeramics
Lace chemise - bayousalvage
Tall basket print – peylu
Hand built porcelain bowl – geobubstudios
Ben Nevis cuff – LaTouchables
The wren, the Nest, and the Bumblebee, print – LynneWindsor
Stone fish family - LillaJizo


  1. Great selections and a few new finds to add to my ever ending 'want' list!

  2. And your 'natural beauties' is on the front page of Etsy for all to see. Congrats!

  3. how nice of you to share these bright, bold and beautiful treasuries (not to mention taking the time to link to everyone!).
    dont you wish you could find a store like this in real life! :)

  4. Lois, yes wasn't that great! Unfortunately I was asleep at the time, but I'm glad you are in a way different time zone and happened to see it!

  5. Paula, who needs a store when we have etsy at our fingertips!