Monday, December 13, 2010

For art minded people!

Being as I am an old art history major, I was pleased to discover ArtHistory101 on etsy. Marla's store is chock full of all that good stuff you've forgotton over the interveining years since that last art history class. Her printed tees are wonderfully soft and her drawings, sublime. You're sure to get delighted comments from friends you never suspected had art history in their background!

If you dream of the giddy world of Fragonard, or marvel at the engineering of a Gothic cathedral, or simply want to keep the 3 orders of classical greek columns close to your heart, I do recommend you check out ArtHistory101 (Their service is great too!)

and be sure and check out their pop quiz buttons and magnets...


  1. so thoughtfully written. wow. I'm so amazed and thankful Betsy!!!


  2. Love these :) Just placed an order :)

  3. Ruth, that's fantastic! I know you'll be pleased!

    Marla, i should have mentioned your other shop, for the little ones!