Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ring in the new year...

I've been making lots of rings lately. They're quicker and more fun than earrings because you only need to make one... So here are a few recently completed babies photographed and settling nicely into my etsy shop.

 a beautiful piece of Louisiana petrified palmwood in sterling

something similar using a piece of Nevada boulder turquoise and a touch of 14kt gold

another example of boulder turquoise

a sweet little pearl ring in sterling and 14kt gold

something fun in swirly blue glass and sterling
You can find these and many more rings in my etsy shop.

And below are some very interesting rings from several of the many etsy shops worth checking out!

 resin ring  quercussilver       acrylic ring  dillondesigns
 sterl sculptural ring  mariagotijoyas    paper yarn rings  paperphine

                                    Happy New Year!


  1. ah...happy new year to you and that cute pooch :) and I love seeing the new works too! the another planet and the pearl one is plump with richness. they are all stunning as usual betsy!

  2. thanks paula, and a happy new year to you from Flores too :)

  3. Like the boulder turquoise - both rings.

  4. I love the finish on your silver, Betsy--and the way it works with the stones is poetry. I can very well imagine how beautiful they are on the hand.

  5. Gorgeous work! Have a wonderful Hogmanay and all the best for the New Year x

  6. Thanks Lois, and I had to look up Hogmanay to make sure it was a real word and not a typo! Now that I know, I'm wishing you one right back, along with wishes for a snow melt in Edinburgh!

  7. I'm very proud you included my ring here among all this loveliness.
    Happy New Year

  8. Wow - thanks a lot! My Paper Yarn rings look quite fragile compared to your wonderful pieces - what a beautiful contrast!
    Linda //

  9. Thank you Helen, I'm in love with boulder turquoise! Su and Linda, I love everything you're doing! And Dawn, I'm a fan of your work as well!

  10. Thanks a lot Betsy!!!
    You are so nice for including my sculpture ring in your lovely blog!!! :)
    A happy new year for all of you!!!


  11. happy new year Betsy!
    your rings are so amazing, I love the strong shapes of the bands.