Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How I Spend My Money...

Much of the time my inspiration begins with the purchase of some new stones. Today I bought more Nevada boulder turquoise, not that I don't have enough of it already but, well, my thinking is you can't have enough of the good stuff. I also recently purchased several more pair of peach pillow keshi pearls. It's a very sensous pearl and nice to work with.
So I thought I'd share my new little stash before running down to my studio with it and getting started on some new work! I hope to have some new pieces to post within a week. I work best on a deadline...

the keshi pearls are about 15mm

the turquoise vein runs through a beautiful matrix stone

Above: some examples of rings made using the same material   Below: earrings

Below:  keshi pearl earrings. I plan on making more of these!


  1. Betsy, These are amazing beautiful and your work inspires my desire to spend money! Hope you are doing well, xo, Roxanne

  2. Ha ha, hi Roxanne!! You spend that money girl!

  3. Betsy, I love those keshi pearl earrings. Stunning!

  4. those are beautiful betsy! i like how desert-like some of those are. where do you find those?

  5. Lois, they're just so tactile, I love them too!

    Paula, the rough is from nevada. My favorite stone dealer buys the stones directly from the guy who finds the rough and cuts the stones. she lets me know whenever she gets a new batch. i particularly like those stones with a bit of pink in the matrix, so she saves that for me, but mostly I love it all!

  6. I love the keshi pearl earrings !! They are lovely !

  7. Really beautiful! The stones with the turquoise viens are amazing, and your earrings with the pearls gorgeous.