Tuesday, July 2, 2013

three new hires and the half way brooch...

I recently hired on 3 new staff to help take up some of the work load...

budgie in particular is feeling the need for a short vacation.
Here he is promoting the halfway point in etsymetal's brooch-a-month challenge

The lime green stone is called Atlantisite, it's made up of serpentine with purple bits of of stichtite. It's found in Tasmania. I liked this particular stone for it's shape, and the few little spots of stichtite. I knew I would pair it with amethyst somehow. In this case, I've used an amethyst bullet, 4mm in diameter to pick up the purple in the Atlantisite. Lots of texture and oxidation help to pop the stone.

You can see the amethyst bullet pokes up and out of the frame. The pin mechanism allows the brooch to be worn at various angles.

off to work then...


  1. LOVE that elephant! Such a cutie...I've got a thing for elephants! I've always loved how you do your pictures with the little animal friends, so unique!

  2. Isn't he cute, Sierra, a wrinkly little baby elephant!