Wednesday, July 17, 2013

oops, I did it again... and brooch #28

well.... I bought more stones today. I walked in to my friends stone cutting workshop ( ie: candy store) to pick up a couple of stones she had recut for me and I walked out with this...

...oh, and I got to look through her rough and ordered cufflink pairs, in petrified woods, fossil coral. So PLEASE BUY MY CUFFLINKS this Fall, I should have a slew of them!  ; )
Meanwhile, I'm eyeing that Montana agate in the center, that'll make a beautiful pendant, or maybe brooch #29 or 30... stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, I created brooch #28 after looking through some old sketches for another project, and making a few changes. Mainly adding the little gold balled rivets scattered about.

the brooch measures 3" across


  1. thanks, Susan, I really like it too!

  2. Erin, I barely looked through 10% of what she had in various stages of completion in that shop. Most fun day ever!

  3. Beautiful brooch! I great photo with the fun "shop assistant" as well.

    Would you share contact info for your stone cutting friend?

  4. Carol, contact me through my etsy store!

  5. LOVE this brooch! And that little elephant friend is adorable!