Friday, September 23, 2011

Etsymetal Project Runway Challenge, Season 9, Week 8

In this episode, the designer's challenge was to design an outfit for a client's wife or girlfriend. Our challenge, at etsymetal, was to do the same, either by choosing a look from the episode to work with, or to ask a man to describe what his wife or girlfriend would like and design something for her. I took the easier path I guess, buy deciding to choose one of the outfits already designed  and do a piece of jewelry to coordinate with that. My choice for this week was Anya's a-symmetrical dress...

I used a pair of Brazilian agates I had with the look of an animal stripe and paired them with golden coin pearls, picking up the warm golds in the belt or obi in Anya's design.

I made the earrings so that the agate drops can be detached and the pearls can be worn alone, or a-symmetrically, which was my intention while being worn with this gown.

Next Week's Challenge:
Project Runway Challenge:
In this episode, the challenge was to design a look for a member of an up and coming band, The Sheepdogs. It was a menswear challenge and an image/style challenge.

Our EtsyMetal Challenge Translation:
Rock And Roll!!
Make a piece with music in mind. You may use The Sheepdogs for your inspiration or chose 
another band and make it masculine. We can make menswear too!

 Unfortunately, due to the LOCAL 14 show in Portland next week, I will have to miss this challenge, but you can see the rest of the challenge pieces next Friday on the etsymetal blog!


  1. well that is the dual functional earrings betsy. you really push thru on these challenges and make wonderful work!