Friday, September 2, 2011

etsymetal Project Runway Challenge, Season 9, Week 5

This week's challenge for the designers, was to create a collection based on Heidi Klum's designs for New Balance shoes. Their collection had to look good with tennis shoes... That was the challenge for the etsymetal team as well... See other team members designs here!
I found her collection a bit of a yawner, actually, but I'm happy with my design. I had Victor Luna's winning design in mind for this one.

A leather wrap bracelet with sterling clasp and slider bead.
All of the metal has been textured with a file and left in a matt finish. And I've had this huge lobster catch forever, never quite knowing what I would use it for!

Next week's challenge:
The Project Runway Challenge: 
The designers were teamed up with kids from an arts school and asked to collaborate on a work of art and use that as inspiration for an avant garde piece.. 

For Our Etsy Metal Translation: 
Make a an "avant garde" piece of jewelry using a work of art as your inspiration. If you have access to a child and want to collaborate on something, go for it!
Sounds like fun!


  1. What a beautiful and elegant piece. I would wear it, as well as my niece.

  2. a generation spanner. that's what I like to hear Dawn! : )