Friday, August 19, 2011

etsymetal Project Runway Challenge, Season 9, Week 3

This week's challenge was to "Go big, or go home". On Project Runway, episode 3, we saw the designers design for models on stilts. We were to think big in terms of jewelry and go a bit over the top of what is our normal m.o. You can see the over 20 submissions at:

My piece uses a wonderful smooth piece of basalt from the Oregon coast, collected by my friend Grace Sheese before she moved away to her new life in Illinois. This big ring is for Grace, which is funny considering she is a little bit of a thing...

I've drilled holes into the rock and soldered pegs onto the metal which fit in nicely and along with epoxy,  keep the ring together. On top is a little sterling starfish topped with a pink pearl. Very ocean-y and I hope it will bring Grace back to Oregon someday.

                                                                       COMING UP NEXT WEEK...
In episode 4, the designers had to design something for Nina Garcia (if you watch the show, you'll know who I'm talking about...) Our challenge is to design a piece of jewelry Nina would wear. There is a scene where she is going through jewelry at Marie Claire, and in her conversations with the designers, she noted that she likes streamlined, modern looks... Yup, I already I know what I'm going to do. Stay tuned!


  1. I love big rings Betsy, and yours is gorgeous!

  2. I definitely will stay tuned.

    I like how you finish your silver--with a slight oxidation and surface texture. It gives it such a lovely patina.

    And congrats on your big ring!