Saturday, August 13, 2011

Etsymetal Project Runway Challenge, Season 9, Week 2

This is week 2 of the etsymetal Project Runway challenge! This week's challenge is called "My Pet Project"In this episode; the challenge was to create an outfit using pet store supplies. The designers were allowed to use some muslin as well, but were encouraged not to. 

For the EM challenge, we were asked to make a piece of jewelry using items from the pet store as well. We were limited to 30 minutes in the store and were allowed to use some metal in the piece, but only as little as possible.
There were 26 very creative entries this week, which can be seen here. Nice to know pet shops aren't just for pets anymore...

My dog and I took a stroll to our neighborhood Nature's Pet Market  and picked up a few items that held some potential...

I thought I might be able to do something with these bright red poop bags, wildflower scented no less... which begs the question, why would you  have a poop bag anywhere near your nose to begin with? And some colorful plastic cat toys that, not being a cat person, I'm not sure why these are attractive to cats...
 At first I thought I'd just do something quick and simple.

But I "rethunk" and decided I needed to do something more in line with the spectacular potential of the red poop bags, and created another neckpiece that has the added benefit of really assaulting your sense of smell in a big and flouncy way.

Pretty fancy pantsy don't you think?

Flores thinks so...

Coming up: in this week's show, the designers had to design a piece for a model on stilts (!) and take part in an outdoor runway show.
 Since the challenge was all about going over the top, this week's EM challenge is to make a piece that is BIG, over the top, larger and crazier than we would normally do, but still trying to keep it wearable and fashionable. 


  1. It's amazing, Betsy, and is sure to please everyone, even my cat!

    And it's even fashionable, and beautifully done!

  2. heh heh - love your take Betsy!

    perhaps Flores would like to be the next studio manager??? :)

  3. Brilliant! I love how creative and imaginative you were with the most ordinary materials! Bravo!

  4. Love it, Betsy!!! Love the color and texture!! Yep ... you are amazing!!!

  5. mon amie, merci! if only you could get a whiff of it...

  6. That is hilarious. I will tell my doggie friends I am out with tonight. That is inspiration.