Sunday, June 26, 2011

Five Fossil Coral Rings

Newly birthed from the studio are these 5 little fossilized coral rings. The coral cabs, measuring aprox 12-13mm x 17mm were too adorable to pass up, and they became sweet little littermates...

Each ring has it's own personality and is created from sterling silver with small 14kt gold accents.

   All are currently available in my etsy store.  

                 Petite and sweet!



  1. These are gorgeous, Betsy! It would be difficult to choose between them...

  2. Delicious little lovelies :) I love how unique each fossilized coral is!

  3. I feel like I want to pop them in my mouth and roll them around on my tongue... I promise, I'll resist that temptation!

  4. They look so beautiful all lined up together. Gorgeous colours.

  5. these are so beautiful Betsy! and I must say - I like the band of the ring you are wearing as well!
    congrats to your daughter! wishing her the best for her time in Spain!