Friday, June 10, 2011

a bit more in the garden...

I'll get back to jewelry soon, but today I'm taking most of the day to prepare for my oldest daughter's graduation from college tomorrow. Cooking mostly and figuring out what I might have to wear that hasn't seen hard time in my studio! But I took the camera out because the garden is just looking so promising.

Clematis Nellie Moser has been abloom for weeks now and I see the hollyhocks are coming along nicely. An old peony that was here when we bought the house in the early 80's has a bloom. A branch from the Ginko is to the left. This is the side yard.

This old fashioned rose is called "Evelyn". It smells great!  Also in the side garden.

My big, unruly peony in the front garden. Fantastic for cut flowers! The little purple flowers on the right are native orchids.

Heuchura in the front garden. And one of Marta Farris's pear sculpture's in the back garden. I picked it up last October at the Local 14 art show at the World Forestry Center in Portland. I bet she'll have more this year...