Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Morris Minor Miracle...

How do you get from this.... this?

My friend Dave Adams, that's how! Dave's business is taking old cars, and restoring them to pristine condition. He specializes in old British cars. This particular Morris Minor was number 1,000,001 to roll off the assembly line in 1960. 
The Morris Minor was the first car in Britain to hit the one million mark of cars produced, and of course the company figured they would make a big deal out of it, would't you? They produced a limited edition of 350 cars. They all had white leather interiors and lilac body paint, and sported Minor 1,000,000 badges. Only 30 were built with left hand drive, and only 20 of those came to the US. You can read about the Minor Million cars at the official website here.

Looking better already...

Coming right along old chap...

Dave's car was on display at the Forest Grove Concours d'Elegance last month.  

His little lilac car won first place in it's class, people loved it!

I can totally see myself in the drivers seat...


  1. Too cool! My first car was a light blue convertible Morris Minor with leather seats and holes in the floor boards through which you could see the road conditions. Totally light weight so you could push it out of deep puddles in the road in which it would stall. Loved that little car although getting parts was difficult. So nice to see an old friend again.

  2. So cool, Betsy! A convertible sounds like fun! This one is so pristine, I'd hate to be the one to put the first scratch in it!