Friday, February 21, 2014

more treasure

It's no surprise... at least not to me... that I'm back with more stones. I sat down with my favorite stone dealer yesterday, someone I've done business with for many years, and came home with a treasure trove! I'll probably stop buying stones for just a little bit. If I keep myself from looking at them, I won't be tempted to buy...  ; )

Some beautiful Sonoran dendritic rhyolite with a smokey blue field really caught my eye, and of course, the ever popular Cherry Creek jasper. Lovely earring pairs, all!

The fossils. Coral and palm. Love working with these stones!

The "pink" group includes ocean jasper and Mooka Station jasper along with some of the fossil palm and fossil coral. I do love the pinks!

What I call"not your mother's tiger eye" in blue and gold with a couple of fabulous pieces in a matte finish.

A nice Pietersite pendant stone. Peitersite is brecciated tiger eye. That means at some point in it's geological history, the tiger eye was broken apart and the pieces reformed themselves giving a more mosaic look to the stone. Lots of nice blue chatoyance, or flash in this one! 

Some very pretty rutilated quartz along with a green tourmalated quartz (spoken for) and a lovely little green moonstone. These will make gorgeous rings!

And all of these little bird body shapes I'll use for my litter tweeter bird brooches or pendants. Imperial jasper, and the 2 on the bottom are ocean jasper and Botswana agate. They'll make an entire flock!

Here's one of my little sweet tweets...

My cuprite heart beats for you. Couldn't pass this one up!


  1. Oh--it's called, 'Not your mother's tiger's eye' in matt finish--LOVE! And the gorgeous colors in the bird's bodies...!

    1. remember all the cheap jewelry when you were a kid, that was made from tiger eye, Dawn? From gumball machines and such? ; )

    2. Yes I do, Betsy. Horrible stuff, but you really scored with some exquisite beauties. Congrats on the Explore image!

    3. Explore was a surprise! Can't believe the hits I got on that. Only wish it had been my etsy shop... ; )

  2. They are so beautiful, can't wait to see what you do with them. Like Christmas monring.

  3. Gorgeous stones! I especially like the pinks...cannot wait to see what you do with them! Your work is always so beautiful!

  4. drooooooool. Beautiful stuff! What's the black and cream half and half triangles? Palm?