Monday, November 4, 2013

The brooches march on...

Hard to believe we're approaching the end of 2013 and there are only 6 more brooches to be made for those of us participating in the etsymetal brooch-a-week challenge. Not so bad when you think that those stalwarts in the brooch-a-day challenge can barely see the end of the road yet...

brooch #42 features a beauty of a Morrisonite cab with a pinky rhodolite garnet

brooch #43 incorporates a pink rose cut tourmaline and gold rivets

 brooch #44 is a cherry creek jasper in a clean, modern shape

Picked these up while walking the dog today. Add a ribbon and a straight pin and this could be brooch #45. hmmmm...

(Fall is definitely my favorite time of year...)


  1. I love the paisley shape of #43.Fabulous!
    Lori in Atlanta

  2. thanks, Lori, that's one of my favs too!

  3. The top two are my favourites -- lovely!

  4. looking very beautiful and innovative designs.....

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