Saturday, May 25, 2013

My one weakness, and three more brooches...

Thursday I paid my favorite stone dealer a visit just to pick up a few high domed stones for some rings I wanted to make.... I left with WAY more then I had planned. And this happens  every.  single.  time. 
But, look, how on earth can a regular person resist THIS!!

The high domes were secured and many other temptations were put in front of me. 

ring ring ring ring ring ring ring!

I'm not a huge fan of tiger eye, but when I laid eyes on these pieces, with their beautiful matte finish, omg, into the "shopping cart" they went... My friends, this is not your mother's tiger eye!

I also replenished my supply of petrified palm wood with these beauties.

I'm finishing up two of the rings today, but honestly, if anyone is right this minute drooling on their keyboard over these stones, and NEEDS a piece of custom jewelry, get a hold of me at my etsy store
I need to start selling some of these!! 
Just so I can buy more of course.

And on another note...
Three weeks and three new brooches have passed since my last post. Here are numbers 19, 20, and 21 in the etsymetal brooch-a-week challenge 

Number 19 is a sweet little brooch, and at 3/4" works well as a tie tac or lapel pin.
sterling, 22kt, 18kt, 14kt gold, rose cut diamond

Number 20 is a hunky ocean jasper, with stick pearl and rose cut peridot.
Sterling silver, 18kt, 14kt gold

Last week's brooch, number 21 is a fordite cabochon set in sterling silver. It comes with a handmade chain and can be worn as a necklace as well. (This is the first piece of fordite I've purchased... and of course I just bought more, it's really fun stuff,very Jetsons-esque!)


  1. Goooorgeous stones, Betsy - can't imagine how beautiful the pieces you make will be! :)

  2. It's always a motivator to buy new stones, brenda! I only wish there were more hours in the day!

  3. Those tiger eyes are really beautiful!

  4. Have you ever seen anything like them, Henriette??

  5. I'm curious what you will do with your
    'not your mother's tiger eye'.
    Gorgeous all!

  6. Dawn, me too! The pair is large, so posts I think, and maybe a pendant for the single?? So many stones, so little time... ; )

  7. loving 13, 16 and 19! 16 is like a chic stylised Scottish kilt pin. Always a delight to look at your beautiful work Betsy!

  8. OH my GOODNESS! What beautiful stones! I'm so jealous of you being able to meet with a stone dealer in person and pick out what you want, I've only ever been able to order cabs online...must be fun to sort through all of them!

    1. Sierra, you should contact me through my etsy store, I happen to know that my stone dealer makes an annual business trip to hawaii...

  9. Annette, I kept brooch #16. Maybe I'll have to get myself a kilt...?

  10. Oh, those high 'ring' cabs are just amazing! I never wear rings but I would want to wear one of those! The green and yellow flat cabs are fun too - will be waiting to see what you do with them!

  11. Does your stone dealer ever come to London :)

  12. ha ha, Tania! I'm sure she'd LIKE to come!