Tuesday, February 12, 2013

brooch-a-week continues

Having just completed brooch #7 in my quest to meet etsymetal's challenge of 1 brooch a week for the year, I feel like I've gotten into the groove, and the ideas seem to stay at least a week ahead of me. So far so good! Here are brooches 4-7...

#5  17+ ct amethyst, sterling, 22kt,18kt,14kt gold

#6  ocean jasper, .24ct rose cut diamond, sterling,18kt, 14kt gold

#7 sterling silver, 14kt gold

 I'm glad for this challenge, I had forgotten how much I really love making brooches. #8 is on the drawing board!


  1. Ooh, I love these -- just beautiful!

  2. Really, really gorgeous!! #5 is definitely my favorite!!

  3. You already finished number 7? so fast!, I love them all! I don't think I have seen the wolf figurine yet, is it new? love it!

  4. thanks you guys!
    Henriette, I'm quite partial to 5 myself!
    Laura, I don't feel fast compared to the brooch-a-day gang! The wolf isn't exactly new, but he's been having some time off recently...

  5. Loving #6...actually every one of these are stunning! So elegant!

  6. thanks, Cait! Isn't that a great piece of ocean jasper?

  7. I especially love 5 and 7! Such a treat to see your work.