Friday, January 11, 2013

Brooch-a-Week, can she do it..?

OK, I resolve to make one brooch a week (BAW) for each week of 2013.
And I'm not alone in this resolution, 140 others have taken up the etsymetal BAW challenge...  
And if 52 brooches just isn't enough, there's a renegade group stepping it up to a brooch a day (BAD). That's 365 brooches by the end of the year. Those are the truly possessed... and I admire the heck out of them.

Week 1
A piece of Australian opalite set in sterling silver with a bit of 14kt gold. I decided  to make a piece that did double duty as a brooch or pendant. This one shown on a 16" sterling neck ring.

Looks great with the Neesh wool blazer I scored at the Goodwill a couple of years ago...

Here is a small sample of the first week's entries from some of my etsymetal teammates:

Threads  Brooches BAW 1/52

New Year's Brooch - BAW 1 (front)


Week 2
My simple brooch in sterling, with again, a dot of gold and a sparkly druzy agate.

And a few more cool brooches from some of the other players in week 2:


BAD 2013 7/365 BAW 52/2

BAD 365-8/BAW 52-2: Double crown W

This link will get you to photos of all of the entries from the last 2 weeks, and the variety is endless. I can't wait to see what week 3 brings!

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