Monday, July 30, 2012

Matchmaker, matchmaker...

I recently finished a sweet little pair of earrings featuring Sonoran dendritic ryolite and thought I might like to accessorize the accessory...

So I began with a lovely piece of clothing from a much admired designer...

A linen jacket from Lois, of 13 Threads (check out the details!)

Then I thought I might like to add this vintage 1960's dress from Vera Vague to wear under Lois' jacket...

as well as these antique Edwardian shoes from Vera's collection, that fascinate me.

And from Dawn, of La Touchables, a beautiful little theater bag, lovingly pieced together from vintage and handwoven fabric.

Finally, I'd add a few of these lovely little square sterling bangles from jewelry designer, Su at Quercus Silver

Now all I need is a place to go... 


  1. What a smashing outfit, Betsy. I have a few places in mind--I'm packing my bag right now.

    Thank you for thinking of me XXOO

    Your earrings are supreme!

  2. You would look darling in anything, but this ensemble is stunning!

  3. Dawn, bring your packed bag to Oregon for a visit while you're at it!
    Ruth, I can definitely see your gorgeous self in this!

  4. So elegant, yet funky! Beautifully done!!!

  5. spot on, Betsy!
    So honored to be included in the ensem...
    i'm three shades of pink ;)

  6. Wow those are gorgeous, and would look seriously awesome with your ensemble!

  7. This is brilliant. Those earrings are gorgeous.

  8. Gorgeous Betsy and a lovely surprise to come back too! Now if you just add a brolly and some wellies to this stunning outfit then it would be perfect to wear to any of the Edinburgh Festival events just beginning here in this very wet city! But I would much rather come to Oregon x

  9. any time, Lois! We've had a perfect summer so far. I hope your holiday was a good one, even in the wet!

  10. What an inspired post and I love your combinations, what wonderful crafted and unique and stylish outfits they make. Also nice to be introduced to other designers. Lovely.