Thursday, June 7, 2012

my new love...

Well, maybe not that new, but ever since I was offered some Hell's Canyon herringbone petrified wood a couple of years ago, I've been smitten! 

Discovered in the Hell's Canyon gorge in the late 50's and a portion of what was there was removed just prior to the construction of the Snake River's Brownlee Dam, which subsequently flooded the area. So there's a limited supply, which helps with the mystique, but it's lovely herringbone pattern and vugs, or voids filled with druzy, makes it stand out all on it's own! The wood has been since identified as sequoia, and I'm happy to have a few pieces left and am soon to have more,yay!  

this ring is just the most recent piece to come out of the studio, below are a few previous ways I've used the material...

Cufflinks. These were given as a graduation gift.

A beautiful treasure ring which also features a freeform pearl and raw diamond.

currently available...
And I'll soon be doing my best to see that I have a large supply for lots of future work!  Anyone interested in having something made just contact me through my etsy shop!


  1. Love the u-ring, especially. They are so comfortable to wear...and that treasure ring is gorgeous!!!

  2. Beautiful! And it's certainly lovely paired with pearl.

  3. that is a gorgeous stone and you've done it justice :)

  4. I love your work and I love your photos! That treasure ring is amazing!