Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring has sprung

Walking around my sadly neglected yard today, I realized that we are well into Spring, even if there are a few hours of winter yet to traverse...

The hellebores have been blooming for a while but they're tucked away and often go unnoticed. Note to self: find a better spot for them.

The bulbs are doing their thing, happily without my help.

And the camellias are becoming quite showy
oh look, a pollinator!

Happy to see the sedum Autumn Joy poking up,
and the huckleberry will produce a crop for the birds again this year!

I have to say that I'm most excited to see all of the peonies have survived neglect and will be spectacular again this Spring!
(one of 6 peony plants, all of which I can't live without!)

I promised my yard that tomorrow, if it's not too hot and not too cold, and if it's not raining, and just as soon as I get the stones set in this pair of earrings I'm working on, and of course put off doing the taxes for another couple of days, I'll come out and pull weeds, trim branches, clear out the dead stuff and prepare the vegetable bed. I really, really will. 


  1. It appears your garden has had a jump start on the rest of us slacker types!

  2. It was pure survival mode on my garden's part Helen, let me assure you!

  3. I see you live in an even warmer clime than we do--these are beautiful pictures!

  4. Dawn, the thing I like best about the Pacific Northwest is the temperate climate. It really helps get you through the wet winters when you know that by February you'll start seeing signs of Spring!

  5. Today is the first day of spring and took the dog for a walk. Of course she was covered with mud! We still have some snow but the grass is starting to green up! We have some bulbs peeping up but a ways to go before they bloom!

  6. hi Jacquie! I certainly remember Michigan in March, a roller coaster! Maybe you'll get some sun to dry things out a bit. Our forecast is rain all week...

  7. Amazing! We are just starting to see the daffodils and I have just planted my herbs with fingers crossed that we don't get another freeze (and they are in pots under a cupola)! Snow is still a possibility.

  8. lovely images. My mini alliums I planted in pots have just flowered and look lovely. Great season.