Friday, February 11, 2011

Photo Fun

There's a farm supply store across the river from where I live and I like to go in there every now and then to poke around, especially in the Spring, to see the baby chicks. They have a display of little plastic animals, all types and sizes. Adorable. I couldn't resist buying a couple, they were so cute, and now every time I go in there, I add to my collection!

 One day I decided to start making them earn their keep, and give me a good reason to keep buying them...

                                           photo props!

just passing through...

      The meerkats are my hands down favorites!

if I need some heavy lifting, no problem.

                          Y'all come on back now, ya hear?


  1. What a great idea! I especially like the parrot, the fox and the elephant : )

  2. Hey Betsy....Tractor Supply is where we get ours....i have a few of the critters you have. We have a small collection too! I haven't seen the little bird yet. Sue♥

  3. This is just Brilliant, yes, with a capital B, ha!
    Love the one with the tiger passing by. Funny I made a picture with a ring and birdie the same way you did. Yours is way better though :-)

  4. What a lovely idea and your photos look great. The last one with them all together is adorable.

  5. And I'm finding that they all get along well together. Occasional roughhousing, but nothing more...

  6. these photos are perfect! they really look made for your work. beautiful :)

  7. Your jewelry is beautiful, and your photography is wonderful -- composition and lighting are just perfect!

  8. so adorable! and your photos are just excellent Betsy!