Friday, June 11, 2010

Featured Artist: Paula McCullough, Found Object Art

I ran into Paula's work on etsy about a year ago and just love what she's doing with found objects, old metal bits and pieces and all kinds of cast off junk. She and I ended up as invited members of the Artisans Gallery Team on etsy which has allowed me to develop a deeper appreciation of both Paula, and her approach to making art! All of her pieces are done using cold connections, no welding involved. And everything is a one of a kind treasure.

Paula's clocks are probably what first drew me to her. I swear she can look at anything and see a clock in it!

you can check out and purchase these clocks at
PaulaArt is currently having a Father's Day sale with a variety of clocks and other very cool and very unique items specially priced for Dad!

Mixed media wall art...

rustic candle holders...

Take a look at Paula's website  for more cool stuff!

...'McCullough assembles photographs, puzzle pieces and metal mesh into cohesive works that bridge contemporary life with its industrial past" '....These works mark a new era of artistic innovation, as discussed by Ric Kasini Kadour, Vermont editor of Art New England. Kadour believes these works are uniquely collectible, as they mark a defining moment - the intersection of the Industrial Age and the Information Age.'


  1. I can't get enough of Paula's pieces. They are powerful in a Zenlike way, and invite me to see and appreciate more deeply for having run across them.

  2. thank you betsy, this is such a wonderful blog write up of my work, i appreciate you delving into the different mediums. i love it!

  3. You are right about her work - different and exciting! I liked the puzzle pieces and the metal work. Using found object is great! thanks for sharing her with us.

  4. I'm a Paula fan--not only the artwork, but the person, too!

  5. I adore Paulas work,
    she always impresses me with
    new creations, with surpriecing Materials and
    stunning designs!!!!!

  6. What a wonderful write-up and pictures of one of my very favorites!

  7. I'm a big Paula fan too, her work is amazing and I love her studio shots... thanks for a great article, Betsy!

  8. What a wonderful feature! Her work is simply amazing!

  9. Thanks Betsy! Wonderful feature on a wonderful artist!
    It feels to me that Paula works like a painter; painting fields of color with rusted metal and slivers of abandoned wood. She has a heightened sense of color and balance. Each piece grounds the viewer while simultaneously making us forget and transcend the weight and physical reality of the materials. How does she do that?
    As a person and artist, she is a powerful and grounding force. She is direct in her approach to artmaking and fearless in her use of physical and tangible materials.
    Thanks also for the link to her website.

  10. There is a certain brilliance to not only Paula's art but also to her perspective. She is absolutely driven and inspired, and the products of her hands and the sharpness of her eye have long had my jaw agape. She achieves srustic perfection with every piece she creates.